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Chemical Company Hired a Business Development Individual to Expand to a New Market


A chemical company had a great water treatment chemical and the oil and gas industry started to reach out to inquire about and purchase their chemical. They realized they had an untapped audience, but they did not have a business development person versed in that market, on their team. They needed to hire someone who could further break into the oil and gas sector. They sought out TLR Search due to our oil & gas and chemical recruitment experience.


  • We sat down with the Vice President of HR and learned a lot about the organization and culture. We learned how people succeed in the company’s culture.

  • We discussed what the newly created position would do for the company and visualized what the successful finalist candidate looked like.

  • We discussed salary and it did seem to be a bit below the market. We discussed what compensation would look like out in the market in comparison to their budget. We assured them that TLR Search would work to find someone close to their compensation range. 

  • We talked to several individuals who were interested. Unfortunately, their compensation ranges were much higher than the company’s target; because of their seniority in business development. TLR Search kept talking to new candidates, looking for an individual that would be in alignment with what the company needed.


We found a female candidate who had worked in a smaller company prior, who had a compensation below their target. The candidate had knowledge of the market the chemical company wanted to move into and she had contacts in that area. She enjoyed business development and sales. She also enjoyed meeting new people and expanding her contacts.


Her salary and her level of experience aligned with the role. The company offered compensation that was aligned with their budget and the candidate accepted the position. She introduced them to many new contacts, to expand their sales in water treatment chemicals in the oil and gas industry.

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