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E&P Company Growing by 10x Employee Size and Through Two Acquisitions

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line


The Vice President of HR of a private equity backed exploration and product company needed to support the leadership on building their teams. The company was about to close on a big acquisition after starting up a year before. The company needed many new team members to grow and accelerate the new asset acquisition.

Each position had very specific requirements. Many needed Permian experience or CO2 flooding / as well as waterflooding or specific engineering or functional skills or specific software. In addition, the person had to be educated on what it is like to work for a private equity backed firm, that had an exit strategy at a future time.


  • With each position we would define what the market looked like. Looking for individuals who had the specific skills each position required.

  • We reached out to individuals and educated them on the company brand, because many people did not know the company. We also educated them on the culture and what a day in the life of working for the PE backed company would look like.

  • We talked through any concerns and many questions. We engaged candidates that aligned with the position and made sure the position aligned with the candidates career aspirations. We presented the candidates to the VP of HR, who worked with the internal teams to determine next steps for each candidate.

  • Each position had a different hiring manager, so we work through the different styles of the individuals. For example, some hiring managers are quick to make a decision, who interview right away, and make an offer as soon as the right candidate is interviewed. Other hiring managers were not as timely, had many things on their plate, and took their time. With these hiring managers we communicated how timing was effecting the process and what the pulse of candidate engagement was to make sure the candidate experience did not derail.

  • We support the VP of HR with market intelligence as well.


The company’s brand was shared with hundreds of candidates, many who did not know the company; marketing to them throuhg one-on-one conversations. Overall, 30+ candidates were placed

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