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Contruction Engineer

New Leader Hired to Integrate and Grow a New Acquisition 
Corrosion Engineer Services and Manufacturer 


A client needed a corrosion engineer, to join the company as a General Manager. This individual needed:

  • A special NACE certification

  • Leadership experience

  • Business development skills

The CEO and VP, Engineering needed to bring this new person on board to grow a newly acquired business, that was being integrated into the company. They needed a very unique set of combined skills. The team felt they knew everyone and no one they knew was interested, because the position required a relocation to Colorado.



  • TLR Search quickly identified and mapped out all candidates who had the specific NACE certification, needed.

  • We branded the exciting opportunity to each candidate.

  • We engaged quite a few candidates and interviewed them to understand their engineering experience, evaluate their leadership experience, and also questioned them on their business development skills (this was an area lacking for many candidates). 



​Four new candidates were identified and interviewed. A candidate not known by the CEO and VP was placed. The candidate successfully grew the new business unit and the entire company was bought 3 years later.

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