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Image by Clayton Cardinalli

Vice President Hired to Solve a Multi-Million Dollar Hire


The company has many amazing people working for the team, who have been instrumental in the growth of the company. As the company has accelerated over the past several years, there was a need for an executive-level HR person to join the team. The company had many HR processes and a solid team in place. They had not had an executive level, strategic HR business partner as a part of the leadership team. They needed someone who had outside experience, who could work through growing pains and who would integrate well into the team. There was a pretty strong tenure amongst the corporate team.


One of the growing pains was retention in the field operations. In this area of the business, there is a lot of turnover for the industry as a whole. The company wanted someone to come in and strategically look at the root cause to determine potential solutions.

The company wanted very specific skills and there was a panel of leaders who would be interviewing the candidates.



  • We had separate discussions with the President and with the CEO to understand what a successful candidate would look like. We came to understand the balance of the current team who were very successful and what success would look like for the next person.

  • Since this was a new position in the company. The first slate of candidates that were interviewed were brought in. The team really liked each candidate, but didn’t feel they found the finalist candidate in that slate.

  • We shared many candidates. We found an individual that had an out-of-the-box set of skills. This individual had specific field experience that would complement the team's needs.

  • As the process went on there was a timing issue. The team had a meeting to travel to and other time constraints, so interviews stalled for a few weeks.

  • After sharing this with the company, they continued to interview other candidates that they met, but they came back to the candidate who withdrew.

  • TLR Search was asked to engage the candidate again. The Executive Recruiter shared the company’s thoughts and the candidate accepted the invitation to meet again.

  • The Executive recruiter acted as a liaison with the candidate and the CEO. This lead to the acceptance of the offer.


The candidate thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team. They were presented with an offer. Though the offer was strong and there was no discussion around compensation, there was discussion around the role. After discussions and liaising with the candidate and the CEO the process concluded with the acceptance of the candidate. The candidate is thoroughly enjoying the role and she is happy with her decision to join the company.

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