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Diversity Showed Up in the Super Bowl in a Different Way than Expected: Strong Female Figures

This year, the Super Bowl made a heightened commitment to diversity, particularly in terms of empowering females. This effort reflects a larger trend in the sports industry (as well as many other industries) to increase female representation in traditionally male-dominated fields, thereby broadening the overall pool.

An example of this, Serena Williams. Serena appeared in more than several commercials this year. One being Michelob ULTRA. The beer industry is typically geared towards the male audience. Michelob ULTRA has made a commitment to increasing the visibility of women in sports, and I feel like this year is just another example of them putting their money where their mouth is."

Diana Flores appeared in a commercial. She's is not a familiar name for most people who watched Super Bowl LVII. She might not even be a familiar face for hardcore sports fans. "But the NFL is betting on flag football star Flores to help them move the game forward, and hopefully, capture the attention of a demographic that still isn’t entirely convinced the game has a place for them – women. Diana Flores is the quarterback of Mexico’s world champion women’s national flag football team and has made a name for herself as a strong female."

Rihanna, had a killer performance becoming one of only a handful of women of color to perform on the Super Bowl stage. Not only that, but she did it while pregnant with her second child. This was her first music performance in years. While her music career has been on hold, she has become a business mogul in the makeup and clothing industry. Her performance broke the norm that women careers are halted by having children.

At TLR, we observe this same kind of push for greater female representation in the science/energy industry. Women account for only 35% of graduates in the STEM Industry. Plenty of organizations and educational programs have been put in place to increase this gap. We see companies specifically requesting to be presented with a list of all diverse candidates and more women representation.


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