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The time is now: Gen Z is entering the workforce. How can you appeal to and retain a Gen Zer?

The time is now: Gen Z is entering the workforce. How can you appeal to and retain a Gen Zer?

  • They support companies that align with their self values

  • They grew up on the internet and value technology

  • They have created unique identities for themselves online and want a place where they are accepted for who they are

  • Social issues are important to them

  • Money (pay) is not always their motivation

A study by Forrester found that 51% of Gen Z (aged 18 to 23 years) will ensure that a brand’s corporate social responsibility aligns with their own before they purchase or work with a brand. They want purpose-driven and experiential careers. "Executives and business leaders... must understand that today’s talent is looking at experiences and chapters. A typical career used to resemble something like this: Start at a company, work your way up the ladder, get promoted, and then retire. That mentality has shifted. Something new is emerging. Top-tier talent is saying: “I’ll bring from day one my experiences, and I’ll help you be a better company. But I will leave at some point, and you should not be concerned by that. I will leave it better than I found it, but I will also leave better than I arrived.” A report from OCAD University revealed that 73% of Gen Z believe they need more self-expression to live a happy, healthy life. AND A report from Deloitte indicated that although salary is still the most important factor in deciding on a job, Gen Z values it less than every other generation. In fact, if they are given the choice of accepting a better-paying job that is boring versus a job that is more interesting but pays less, Gen Z was evenly divided over the choice. Other characteristics of Gen Zers are:

  • Digitally sophisticated

  • Environmentally concerned

  • Ethical shoppers

  • Ultra-focused

  • Values access over possession

  • Racially, sexually, religiously diver­se

  • Financially minded

  • Social media activists

  • Polit­i­cal­ly pro­gres­sive

  • Supportive of women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, BLM movement

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