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How can you prepare your employees with a looming recession on their minds?

Change is always consistent in business, but a recession tends to weigh on employees' minds and they will question their financial security. Times are equally interesting as the job growth doesn’t seem to signal a recession. How can you prepare?

"Overcome fear by adapting norms within the workplace, in a way that gives both managers and employees the right tools to allow them to be more creative and less stressed – operating in a psychologically safe environment. Consciously adopting certain mindsets and behaviors opens doors and provides support, so that everyone in a business can both feel and work at their best."

“It is essential, no more than ever, that leaders have a growth mindset without being inflexible to change, innovate and transform, while knowing it’s okay to fail and try again.”

The conversation about work from home or hybrid work is continuously being discussed.

Will employees still have the upper hand regarding work from home or hybrid work?

But is it possible these work structures can help companies during a recession?

Many tech and big companies are laying off, but “Gangbusters job growth adds more confusion to recession worries, economist say.”


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