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The legacy that Serena Williams left on DEI

After having an opportunity to be a part of a wonderful panel/session on DEI at the IMAGE ’22 conference yesterday.

I came home to see a wonderful celebration of Serena William’s career. It made me reflect on something mentioned on the panel and in the media.

The media spoke about tennis being an expensive sport and that she beat the odds. The panel I was a part of discussed how equity can be different for diverse backgrounds. What is meant by that is that if you come from a background where money is tight, you may see an opportunity as expensive and not move toward it.

Also, if you see no one like you, you may not move toward a career that is not diverse.

This article shares how the Williams sisters cut through all that and set a path for others to follow.

And brought innovation to the world of tennis “The Serena Effect Changed Every Aspect of Tennis”


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