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Why you should consider a multi-generation workforce

A core majority of people, across generations want the following out of their work:

  • Meaningful work

  • A strong company

  • Pride in the work they do

  • A beneficial impact on society

  • A positive work environment

  • Career development opportunities

So why not look to have a Multigenerational workforce that can achieve this? Integrating staff members of various age groups and experience levels while forming teams can help boost seamless coordination. This also encourages creative thinking and the use of novel approaches to facing challenges. To build a strong multigenerational workforce a leader needs to discover unique ways to optimize a mixed talent pool while understanding the needs of each generation, thus, in turn, breaking generational bias. These efforts are designed to make co-workers understand that each generation brings something unique and special to the team that will benefit everyone. One thing that is not taken into consideration is that age is rarely ever used in DEI measures, and it's a huge contributing factor to a multi-generation AND diverse workforce.


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