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Key Multi-Millon Dollar Driver
Was a pivotal position

Computer Programming


The CEO and VP of R&D were looking to add a Product Manager to the team to help build a new Application Software product. This position was a pivotal position

for the company's growth and the company was not finding the right person,

while it was costing a lot of time and money with the open position.

This individual had to:


  • Have experience with SaaS products

  • Have solid software product management skills

  • Have leak detection experience or at least it was preferred

  • Have GIS experience



  • With our high-touch, personalized approach we sat down with the CEO and VP. Together we visualized what the final candidate needed to look like and helped write the job description.

  • Mapped out all candidates with the skills listed above and targeted companies that worked with GIS.

  • We engaged candidates in conversations about the possibilities for their career and directly branded the company, which was not well known, so the candidates could visualize the role.


The company interviewed candidates and bias showed up (even though the company has a strong diverse team). The finalist candidate went through the first interview and the team liked the candidate, but had not learned as much about the candidate as TLR Search had. We believed he would be immediately seen as the finalist candidate after the first interview. The client did want to invite the candidate in for a second interview, with others who were in the process. TLR Search spoke to the client about each candidate and shared the attributes that may have been missed. We indirectly coached on what would be important to learn about the candidate, planting the seed for questions that could help uncover more in the next interviews. The client also shared their insights on what they were not seeing.


The candidate TLR Search felt would be the finalist had an amazing second interview and the team saw all the attributes they were looking for. The candidate was picked and received an offer very quickly. Unfortunately, when the candidate gave notice he received several counteroffers from his current company. We continued to work with him on the resignation process, while keeping him engaged until he joined the company.

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