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Kimberly Wilson enjoys helping energy company hiring managers gain talent market share by bringing strong, diverse talent to their attention; while guiding them through understanding unconscious bias during the search process. Kimberly is the Managing Director/CEO of TLR Search, a recruitment firm she started in 2010. She began her career in retail management enhancing her skills in customer service, people, and business. Taking that experience along with her education in psychology and sociology she set out to help companies see the possibilities in people and help individuals see the possibilities in their career.

She has distinguished herself in the energy and chemical industries and is known for her ability to find and engage diverse slates of talented candidates. Kimberly enjoys helping companies find unique talent that brings diversity of thought to an organization. She also enjoys working side by side with individuals to help them to see the possibilities in their own careers, while helping them to highlight their unique skills and attributes.

Notable volunteer work:                                                                                                                                           

For more than ten years, Kimberly has been on several boards supporting professional women in the energy industry across the globe and supporting professional women in Houston:


  • Kimberly had been a member of the Executive Advisory Board of Pink Petro after holding the Chair position for the “Community Board” at Pink Petro.

  • For more than six years, Kimberly served on the board of Women's Energy Network and is a past President. 

  • She was a member of the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP)-Women's Business Alliance, where she served on the steering committee for four years. She has earned the honor of Life Member through her role as an Ambassador for the GHP. 


Kimberly has enjoyed being involved in the community, in the following ways:


  • Acting as a Girl Scout Leader for eleven years and is the proud Mom of a Silver Award recipient. 

  • Member of the host committee for the 2018 Girl Scouts San Jacinto fundraising lunch.  

  • Member of the host committee for the Girls Empowerment Network 2018 Conference.

  • Supporting several Boy Scout events with time/fundraising and is the proud Mom of an Eagle Scout. 

  • Actively collaborating on the leadership committee for the American Lung Association.

Kimberly has spoken on the following topics:

Discovering the Barriers (Bias) – notable presentation- the Society of Petroleum Engineers WIN Congress Conference

We all have unconscious bias; it is engrained in the way we have experienced our lives. During this interactive speech we learn to see our biases and embrace how we can have diversity of thought present, where everyone is heard.  This topic is leveraged from years of study and experience/exposure, when bias was not even a topic in recruiting.


Understanding your Personal Brand- notable presentation- the AIChE Conference

Personal branding is at the forefront of how people perceive you as an individual. It can support you to accelerate your career aspirations, build the company you work for, and even help to align your brand with a bigger purpose within your company. We discover what personal branding means and why is it important.


How Culture, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Equity are the keys to a Solid Talent Acquisition Strategy

Attracting the right talent into your organization is important. Culture, corporate social responsibility, and equity are strong keys to building a solid talent acquisition strategy.

Testimonials about Kimberly's Volunteer Work

"I’ve worked with Kimberly since 2011 in a variety of capacities in volunteering for the Women’s Energy Network starting with when she was President-Elect of the organization and most recently we are working together as Co-Chairs for WEN’s Biennial Conference. Kimberly has many qualities as a leader that have made her an asset to WEN. First she has an innate sense of what an individual’s talents and strengths are and what positions would be best suited for the individual’s abilities. She also empowers individuals to succeed by giving them the tools, trust, and coaching/ guidance as needed to do the job at hand..


Kimberly is also driven and dedicated. She invests a lot into whatever project she takes on. In a leadership position for a non-profit organization and running a large conference, there are always challenges that pop up. However, Kimberly’s positive attitude and solutions oriented nature mean that she meets those challenges head on which has enabled WEN to grow in numbers and in terms of the programs we offer as an organization. Most of all Kimberly truly cares about people and the mission of whatever it is she is doing which always makes it a pleasure to work with her."-Director Public and Government Affairs, Midstream Master Limited Partnership

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