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Build a team that bridges the gap from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow

We are recruiters that make it easier to be the hiring manager who builds teams that thrive, accelerates company growth, builds rival teams to competitors, and goes home each day proud that you and your team made a difference.

TLR Search helps Chief Executives, Hiring Managers, and Human Resources Leaders who are taking their companies to the next level, attract and retain hidden and diverse talent, as well as next generation leaders (especially when a position is hard to fill or needs a unique set of skills); while saving our clients time, mitigating the risk of a potential costly hire, and helping them be ahead of the curve. 


As a leader, it can be frustrating and sometimes overwhelming to hire, knowing that getting from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow requires just one new recruit ... in that critical role ...

We know what it's like and that the stakes are high for every new hire to succeed. That's why we enjoy helping companies find each building block, ultimately creating the big picture you're looking for.

We approach things a bit differently, we are people experts who really understand what's important to clients and candidates, so our focus is not just to recruit, it is on building a hiring process that creates strong long-term career relationships. And, yes, we have a lot of insider's understanding of the energy industry and chemical industry. 

As an energy recruiter and chemical recruiter, we don’t come to you with a problem we solve, we listen to what 's important to you, what top talent looks like in your company, and we build a solution that fits your needs. Striving to save you time recruiting and letting you get back to the daily tasks of running a business; attracting and presenting only qualified candidates to you. 


TLR Search - Who We Are



Oil and Gas Recruiter (with oilfield recruitment experience), Energy Recruiter and Chemical Recruiter, Engineering Recruiter

We are a full service search firm supporting clients with our proprietary consultative process and insights that span 20+ years. We help our clients:

●  by mapping the talent pool and presenting the opportunity to the best talent in the market

●  build a recruiting process that strengthens business through people

●  by branding the job description and enhancing your employer brand while talking to the best talent

●  enhance the candidate experience;  communicating with candidates while keeping them in the loop, always

●  attract high-potential candidates, presenting only fully qualified candidate resumes and interview reports

●  attract a diverse slate of candidates, while reducing unknown/unconscious bias during interviewing

●  build a recruitment process that assures acceptance of offers and builds a foundation for longer retention

●  communicate during the candidate's notice period until onboarding takes place

●  ensure you hire the best human capital; candidates who will be a part of the succession plan



"Kimberly (TLR Search, Managing Director) has been a great recruiting partner for us. She has been able to help us find a number of team members for our rapidly growing company. We had to ramp up quickly and she was able to source quality candidates that were not searching for new opportunities. She does true searching and sourcing. One of the things I appreciate the most is the feedback I've gotten from team members she found for us as well as folks we didn't hire. All have said she is very communicative and provides a great candidate experience for them. Kimberly shines, in my opinion, because she represents the company very well in an industry that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I am blessed she assists us like she does. Without her, my life would have been much more difficult."

Director Human Resources, Private Equity Backed E&P Company


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