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It's not just about hiring the right talent 

to be competitive

Looking for talent?


Are you in a niche market and think you know everyone you can hire but are still struggling to find the perfect fit?

Does it seem like the right person for your open role just isn’t out there?

Is it crucial that you find the perfect/unique person for your new initiative?


Trying to find talent that seems impossible to find?

talent acquisition
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20+ years of experience

500+ successful placements

60,000 hours of time saved for clients

See our proven framework and how we do it

Oil and Water

Oil and Gas Recruiters 

We realize your oil and gas company is unique and is consistently looking for talent for new assets, drilling programs, production, running corporate, and more. TLR Search brings you top talent, with specific industry knowledge, that hits the ground running and makes a difference. We work throughout the oil and gas industry but also work with senior-level oil and gas industry executive recruiters. 


Engineering Recruiters 

TLR Search is a full-service engineering recruiting firm focused on helping companies find engineers and technologists in fields such as oil and gas, alternative energy, and chemicals. We know it is not always easy to find or attract that specific engineer who wears more than one hat or is highly sought after, we do that for you.


Chemical Recruiters

We specialize in attracting experienced hires and senior-level professionals to your role. We understand you have a unique opening, so we use our unique approach to help companies in the chemical industry find the top talent. We market your role directly to the best talent in the market. 

Farm Fields

Alternative Energy Recruiting 

As solar, wind, biofuels and more continues to grow, recruiting talent in the renewable energy and alternative energy industries is becoming more and more competitive. We help companies looking for talent in the sustainable energy industry build teams that innovate and grow revenue.

Image by Yancy Min

EPC Recruiters 

We are recruiters in the engineering, procurement, and construction industry and we specialize in finding top-tier candidates for our clients and pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in EPC. We help companies attract candidates with diverse backgrounds, bringing diversity of thought and innovation to your company.

Car Factory

TLR understand the complexity of recruiting professionals in the manufacturing industry. We understand companies run lean, but we are here to help you find top talent that wears many hats and helps drive revenue and profits. Our unique approach tells candidates your story and why they should work for you.

Manufacturing Recruiters

Having a critical role open in your team can be frustrating or overwhelming.
What’s the cost of not having the right person in the role?

oilfield recruiters houston

Your days are longer

head hunter houston

Your team is missing a key skill

houston head hunters oil and gas

Meeting goals is tough

There are so many additional costs to not having the right hire. We don't need to spell them out for you. You already know them. You feel it when days, minutes, and even seconds are lost.

Need help finding the right talent?


As a leader, it can stressful to hire, knowing that getting from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow requires just one new recruit


in that important role ...


We know what it's like and that the stakes are high for every new hire to succeed. That's why we enjoy helping companies find each building block, ultimately creating the big picture you're looking for.

We approach things a bit differently. Though some might call us headhunters, we are People Experts who really understand what's important to clients and candidates. Our focus is not just to recruit. It’s also important to us that we build a hiring process that creates strong long-term career relationships between our clients and candidates. Making sure the candidate experience keeps your brand intact and helps you evaluate a diverse slate of candidates to keep your company competitive and innovative. Being a women-owned recruitment firm, diversity is important to us. And, yes, we have a lot of insider understanding of the energy industry and the chemical industry. 


As recruiters, we don’t come to you with a problem we solve, we listen to what's important to you, what top talent looks like in your company, and we build a solution that fits your needs. Striving to save you time recruiting and letting you get back to the daily tasks of running a business; attracting and presenting only qualified candidates to you. 

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What People Are Saying (Home Page)
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"When I moved to Houston to start a new company in oil and gas I had to quickly build out a team that could drive a PE-backed startup to an IPO within a year. Kimberly stepped in and helped me as we quickly built out the right team.  I have worked with many HR recruiters in the past and she far excelled them all.  She is a thought partner, a visionary, and a team player.  I felt like she truly was part of my team in the HR department helping me see gaps in talent where I wasn’t seeing them.  I would highly recommend working with Kimberly at any stage of your company."
Vice President of Administration
Midstream Pipeline Company

See more of what people are saying

1. Tell us about the role you need to fill

Tell us about the skills you need and what you want your new hire to accomplish. We’ll review it and schedule a time for us to talk.

2. We build a custom plan

We’ll create a customized plan and execute it. We’ll communicate regularly and have candidates to you quickly.

3. We guide you all the way

We will keep you informed on the talent market in your area. We will fully interview every candidate. Helping you to complete your team.

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