TLR Search Recruiters help hiring managers attract the highest quality talent that fits your specific business needs; especially with hard to fill, unique, and critical positions.

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Doing less can actually get you more, you can get back 90% of your time spent on hiring...

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Kick productivity up 2 to 5 times and increase your bottom-line...

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Tap into a hidden pool of talent that will be a game changer for your company…

Having a critical role open in your team can be frustrating or overwhelming.

What’s the cost of not having the right person in the role?

Your days are longer

Your team is missing a key skill

Meeting goals is tough

There are so many opportunity costs to not having the right hire. We don't need to spell them out for you. You already know them. You feel it when days, minutes, and even seconds are lost.

talent acquisition
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Avoid Surprises & Costly Mistakes

Aligning candidates with your goals. Our clients boast a tenure of employees staying over 5 years.

Save Time. No-fuss. Just Relax.

We customize a recruitment plan to fit your needs, then  we execute it. All you have to do is interview great candidates to build your team.

Hire Game Changing Candidates

You shouldn’t see the same candidates over and over. We build a strong pool of candidates that you will want to interview.

Curb your Hiring Bias

Diversity and Inclusion ignite innovation. We are People Experts who share your role with a diverse group of candidates.


We know that the stakes are high for every new hire to succeed.


That's why our goal isn’t to find you just any candidate who looks good on paper, it’s to understand your business initiatives and to find a candidate that aligns with your company.

Actually, our goals are your goals.

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment and more than 500 successful placements, we’ve saved our clients more than 60,000 hours of time.

3 Easy Steps
1. Tell us about the role you need to fill

Tell us about the skills you need and what you want your new hire to accomplish. We’ll review it and schedule a time for us to talk.

2. We build a custom plan

We’ll create a customized plan and execute it. We’ll communicate regularly and have candidates to you quickly.

3. We guide you all the way

We will keep you informed on the talent market in your area. We will fully interview every candidate. Helping you to complete your team.


As a leader, it can stressful to hire, knowing that getting from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow requires just one new recruit ...


in that important role ...


We know what it's like and that the stakes are high for every new hire to succeed. That's why we enjoy helping companies find each building block, ultimately creating the big picture you're looking for.

We approach things a bit differently. Though some might call us headhunters, we are People Experts who really understand what's important to clients and candidates. Our focus is not just to recruit. It’s also important to us that we build a hiring process that creates strong long-term career relationships between our clients and candidates. Making sure the candidate experience keeps your brand intact and helps you evaluate a diverse slate of candidates to keep your company competitive and innovative. Being a women-owned recruitment firm diversity is important to us. And, yes, we have a lot of insider's understanding of the energy industry and the chemical industry. 


As an energy recruiter and chemical recruiter, we don’t come to you with a problem we solve, we listen to what's important to you, what top talent looks like in your company, and we build a solution that fits your needs. Striving to save you time recruiting and letting you get back to the daily tasks of running a business; attracting and presenting only qualified candidates to you. 

Oil and Gas Recruiter (with oilfield recruitment experience), Energy Recruiter and Chemical Recruiter, Engineering Recruiter

Placing new hires at executive levels/executive leadership, supervisors in functional management positions, experienced professionals in technical roles (especially engineers), and individuals in leadership roles.

Director Human Resources
Private Equity-Backed E&P Company

"Kimberly (TLR Search, Managing Director) has been a great recruiting partner for us. She has been able to help us find a number of team members for our rapidly growing company. One of the things I appreciate the most is the feedback I've gotten from team members she found for us as well as folks we didn't hire. Kimberly represents the company very well in an industry that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I am blessed she assists us like she does." 

Vice President of Reservoir Engineering
Publicly Traded Independent E&P Company

"TLR  is both professional and a pleasure to work with. From the initial meeting to scope out our recruiting needs to her frequent and informative follow-ups through-out the search process, communication excelled."

CEO, Privately Owned Manufacturing/Service Company
Oil and Gas and Other Industrial Sectors

"…It is often difficult to locate the right talent in your home town, but much tougher in another region. We operate in a unique, niche market which further narrows the potential list of candidates. TLR's skills and persistence produced the results  we were looking for and completed the search for us."


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