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We Help Energy and Chemical Companies Unlock Talent to Solve Your Toughest Hiring Challenges 


Attracting Leaders, Management, Engineers, and Experienced Hires

For nearly 15 years, TLR Search has crafted tailored talent solutions, aiding clients in growth phases, launching new ventures, or overcoming hurdles with fresh talent. With over 40 years of collective experience, we understand recruitment isn't one-size-fits-all. We are committed to client success, we source talent not just to fit the mold but to lead the way. Where others see barriers, we unlock opportunities.

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I need someone now, we’re already behind.

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We’re stuck and our current team is lacking in the skill we need.

Our role is unique and talent seems uninterested in this role.

I don’t have time and can’t let go of anything right now.

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Oil and Water

Oil and Gas Recruiters 

We realize your oil and gas company is unique and is consistently looking for talent for new assets, drilling programs, production, running corporate, and more. TLR Search brings you top talent, with specific industry knowledge, that hits the ground running and makes a difference.


Engineering Recruiters 

TLR Search is a full-service engineering recruiting firm focused on helping companies find engineers in fields such as oil and gas, alternative energy, and chemical. We know it’s not always easy to find or attract that specific engineer who wears more than one hat or is highly sought after, we do that for you.


Chemical Recruiters

We specialize in attracting experienced hires and senior-level professionals to your role. We understand you have a unique opening, so we use our unique approach to help companies in the chemical industry find the top talent. We market your role directly to the best talent in the market.

Farm Fields

Energy Transition Recruiting 

As solar, wind, biofuels, hydrogen, geothermal and more, continues to grow, recruiting talent in the renewable energy and alternative energy industries is becoming more and more competitive. We help companies looking for talent in the sustainable energy industry build teams that innovate and grow revenue.

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EPC Recruiters 

We have recruiters in the engineering, procurement, and construction industry and we specialize in finding top-tier candidates for our clients and pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in EPC. We help companies attract candidates with diverse backgrounds, bringing diversity of thought and innovation to your company.

Car Factory

Manufacturing Recruiters

TLR understands the complexity of recruiting professionals in the manufacturing in the energy industry. We understand companies run lean, but we are here to help you find top talent that wears many hats and helps drive revenue and profits. Our unique approach tells candidates your story and why they should work for you.

What People Are Saying (Home Page)
"Kimberly (TLR Search, Managing Director) has been a great recruiting partner for us. She has been able to help us find a number of team members for our rapidly growing company. One of the things I appreciate the most is the feedback I've gotten from team members she found for us as well as folks we didn't hire. Kimberly represents the company very well in an industry that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I am blessed she assists us like she does." 
Director Human Resources
Private Equity-Backed E&P Company
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