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Our vision for every company’s conference room

Let’s start your inclusive Talent Sustainability Strategy together

Want to build an inclusive recruitment strategy that attracts top, diverse talent while getting 60% - 75% of your time back?


We take the struggle out of hiring niche talent

Orchestrating a process to find, engage, and excite “hidden” diverse talent 

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That's where we come in.  We unapologetically bring diversity of thought to our approach, while thinking outside-the-box.

Sustainable Talent  adjective
an organization's ability to continuously attract, develop and retain people with the capabilities and the commitment needed for current and future organizational success.



In fact, 13 years ago, our logo was designed and has reflected our mission ever since.

We created it with people in mind.


Only realizing it represented sustainable talent while building “dream teams” for our clients.


When we started in 2010, our team came from big search firms and boutique niche firms. We knew we were out-of-the-box thinkers and not just recruiters. Our focus was to create strong long-term career relationships between our clients and candidates (talent sustainability).


We care about our clients and our candidate’s success for no other reason than that’s who we are. And building an outstanding candidate experience is non-negotiable.


Part of our process includes keeping your brand intact to attract talent that aligns with your culture. It also allows you to evaluate a diverse slate of candidates that keep your company competitive and innovative. 

At TLR Search, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of authentic human connections. In our recruitment process, we deliberately distance ourselves from the utilization of artificial intelligence that skews or alienates the highly talented candidate pool from considering your open role.


Instead, we prioritize the rich interactions that we can only foster through direct human engagement. By deliberately steering clear of AI for sourcing, we empower ourselves and our clients to forge deeper relationships, truly understanding each candidate’s unique qualities and aspirations so we can understand whether they are a good fit.


Hiring in a human-centric way enhances the start of the human-to-human relationships individuals bring to work at a company.


Our commitment to preserving the human touch ensures that we cultivate a collaborative, empathetic, and inclusive candidate pool where individuals can be authentic and exemplify how they will thrive and contribute their utmost potential within your organization.


Please join us on this journey as we continue to shatter the impersonal recruitment landscape. Instead, focusing on relationships that attract high-quality hires that align and stay with your company longer by placing genuine human connection at its core.  






What we do:

  • Tailored personalized approach

  • Human-centric methodology - resulting in a quality candidate

  • Industry expertise with a robust network that refers the best candidates “who do that.”

  • Exceptional personalized candidate experience, building a long-term relationship to mitigate risk and build retention

Combined 40+ years of experience

500+ successful placements

60,000 hours of time saved for clients

What others do:

  • Same approach for every candidate

  • Looks for a fast placement with a transactional approach

  • Uses Rely on databases and postings to those looking

  • Leaves after a quick onboarding

  • Communication fit for purpose or phase of the search, typically ending when a candidate is placed

See our proven framework and how we do it

See our proven framework and how we do it

Oil and Water

Oil and Gas Recruiters 

We realize your oil and gas company is unique and is consistently looking for talent for new assets, drilling programs, production, running corporate, and more. TLR Search brings you top talent, with specific industry knowledge, that hits the ground running and makes a difference.


Engineering Recruiters 

TLR Search is a full-service engineering recruiting firm focused on helping companies find engineers and technologists in fields such as oil and gas, alternative energy, and chemical. We know it’s not always easy to find or attract that specific engineer who wears more than one hat or is highly sought after, we do that for you.


Chemical Recruiters

We specialize in attracting experienced hires and senior-level professionals to your role. We understand you have a unique opening, so we use our unique approach to help companies in the chemical industry find the top talent. We market your role directly to the best talent in the market.

Farm Fields

Energy Transition Recruiting 

As solar, wind, biofuels, hydrogen, geothermal and more, continues to grow, recruiting talent in the renewable energy and alternative energy industries is becoming more and more competitive. We help companies looking for talent in the sustainable energy industry build teams that innovate and grow revenue.

Image by Yancy Min

EPC Recruiters 

We are recruiters in the engineering, procurement, and construction industry and we specialize in finding top-tier candidates for our clients and pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in EPC. We help companies attract candidates with diverse backgrounds, bringing diversity of thought and innovation to your company.

Car Factory

TLR understands the complexity of recruiting professionals in the manufacturing industry. We understand companies run lean, but we are here to help you find top talent that wears many hats and helps drive revenue and profits. Our unique approach tells candidates your story and why they should work for you.

Manufacturing Recruiters

What People Are Saying (Home Page)
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"When I moved to Houston to start a new company in oil and gas I had to quickly build out a team that could drive a PE-backed startup to an IPO within a year. Kimberly stepped in and helped me as we quickly built out the right team.  I have worked with many HR recruiters in the past and she far excelled them all.  She is a thought partner, a visionary, and a team player.  I felt like she truly was part of my team in the HR department helping me see gaps in talent where I wasn’t seeing them.  I would highly recommend working with Kimberly at any stage of your company."
Vice President of Administration
Midstream Pipeline Company
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