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Who We Are:
Houston Energy Recruiters

At TLR Search, we recognize that recruiting talent in the renewable energy and alternative energy industry has become increasingly competitive as energy transition takes shape. We understand how important it is for companies to hire talent for emerging technologies including enhancements in solar, wind, biofuels, hydrogen, CCUS (carbon capture, utilization, and storage), and so much more.

Expertise and Track Record


Our team of seasoned industry professionals have over 40+ combined years in energy recruiting with a strong focus on energy transition recruiting, enabling us to find the perfect fit for companies in Houston and across the United States.

Our proprietary process and insights span 40+ combined years across various indsutries
We build a hiring process that strengthens business through people and relationships
 We enhance the candidate experience, communicating while keeping everyone in the loop.
We attract and engage high-potential candidates
We reduce unconscious bias, attracting diverse slates of candidates
We mitigate the risk of a candidate derailing or offers being rejected

Where We Focus

Our focuses include but are not limited to:​

  • Engineering

  • Human Resources

  • Project Management

  • Project Development

  • Business Development

  • Proposal Development

Our Expertise 

  • Sample list of the types of positions we have a background in placing: 

    • Executives

    • Leadership

    • Engineering 

Contact Us

Similar to the boundless potential of renewable energy sources waiting to be harnessed, our hiring process mirrors endless, innovative, possibilities. We welcome transparent discussions about your hiring needs, providing knowledgeable assistance and resources without any sales pressure, akin to tapping into sustainable energy solutions.

We will be in touch within the next 24 hours of the business week!

Other Promises 

Personalized Approach for Every Client

We use a unique approach to uncover "hidden" talent within the industry and to engage talent from other areas of the energy industry to step into newly created positions, ensuring that our clients have access to the best candidates.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity

As a woman-owned business, we know that diversity is key to every business's success, especially for the future of the energy industry. We believe that a diverse team brings unique perspectives and fosters innovation, which is essential in the rapidly evolving energy transition.


Exclusive Network and Industry Understanding

Our combined experienced recruiters can tap into exclusive individuals and have a deep understanding of energy transition and the energy industry. 


Additional Services Offered

We help our clients build teams that are competitive, innovative, and positioned for growth in the sustainable energy industry.

Ultimate Goal

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you innovate and grow revenue through talent in the sustainable energy industry with sustainable talent.

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