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Human Resources
Vice President of Human Resources
Private Equity-Backed E&P Company

"Kimberly has been a great recruiting partner for us. She has been able to help us find a number of team members for our rapidly growing company. We had to ramp up quickly and she was able to source quality candidates that were not searching for new opportunities. She does true searching and sourcing. One of the things I appreciate the most is the feedback I've gotten from team members she found for us as well as folks we didn't hire. All have said she is very communicative and provides a great candidate experience for them. Kimberly shines, in my opinion, because she represents the company very well in an industry that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I am blessed she assists us like she does. Without her, my life would have been much more difficult."

Engineering Recruiter
Vice President of Reservoir Engineering
Publicly Traded Independent E&P Company

“Kimberly was both professional and a pleasure to work with. From the initial meeting to scope out our recruiting needs to her frequent and informative follow-ups through-out the search process, her communication excelled. I could not have been happier with the results and recommend her highly. “ 

Oil and Gas Recruiter Houston
CEO, Privately Owned Manufacturing/Service Company
Oil and Gas and Other Industrial Sectors

"We worked with Kimberly to locate a GM for our engineering group out of state. It is often difficult to locate the right talent in your home town, but much tougher in another region. In addition, we operate in a unique, niche market which further narrows the potential list of candidates. Kimberly's skills and persistence produced the results  we were looking for and completed the search for us."

Senior Reservoir Engineer
Public Independent E&P Company

"Kimberly is a driven, goal-oriented businesswoman that strives to make her clients and candidates happy. Her interpersonal skills enable her to build unique relationships with each party. She takes the time to get to know what her clients want and need. Kimberly spends equal time getting to know her candidates’ career goals to ensure they align with the recruiting company’s goals. She made the recruitment process comfortable. She is unlike any other recruiter I have worked with. Kimberly provided guidance, advice, and support during my job search. I now have an amazing job where I am happy, driven, and ready to achieve my career goals."

Sales and Business Development Manager
Chemical Company

"TLR Search, specifically Kimberly Wilson, did an excellent job of approaching me with a position that offered a great fit for me. She is a talented acquisition consultant that takes the time to understand the companies she works with as well as the individual to ensure a good match for both parties. She understands what a candidate needs psychologically and professionally while assessing a career move. She communicates through the entire hiring process which is a trait not all consultants have. Her diligence and high standards in finding the right candidate ensured that I was provided with the information that I needed so that I could make an educated decision regarding the organization itself. It was also refreshing to talk to a recruiter that understands energy and chemicals and really understands what I do and how it fits in the company"

Marketing manager chemical.jpg
Marketing Manager
Manufacturing Company supporting Oil and Gas and Other Industrial Sectors

"Kimberly had the knack of being in the right place at the right time. When she finds what she believes is the right fit, she's working for both the business and the recruit to make things work. I appreciated her candor and guidance throughout the entire process." 

Senior Petrophysicist
E&P Company

"Kimberly did an excellent job working to connect me with a small operating company that was a perfect fit with my skill set. She did not just try to find anyone to fill a position for the prospective employer, she worked tirelessly to link the right person for the right job. She could have just taken my resume and seen if I was a fit. Instead, she wanted to discuss my career and my experiences to see if I could be the right fit for the position. That takes both effort and skill on her part. Her professionalism and knowledge of the entire recruitment process impressed me. I know in the future, if Kimberly calls, I am listening. I could not recommend her more to any candidate she contacts." 

Workers at Gas Plant
Vice President of Human Resources
Oil and Gas Service Company

As an HR leader, I’ve worked with countless recruiters over the years and often felt like they were just throwing anything they could against the wall to see if it would stick.  I recently had the opportunity to work with Kimberly as an applicant and I was thrilled to see how aligned she was with the business and vested to finding the right candidate.  She was amazing to work with and definitely someone that I’ll reach out to in the future from both the candidate and business side. 

Reservoir Engineering 
Independent E&P Company

"TLR Search did an amazing job communicating with my prospective employer and helped me secure a position I was very comfortable with! I would highly recommend TLR Search and Kimberly to any company that is looking to partner with a recruiter that is very talented, proactive, and has a great work ethic. In addition, I recommend that anyone looking to better their career should speak with Kimberly to realize how personalized her services are."

CEO of Privately Owned Tax Firms

Kimberly did a masterful job for us and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an innovative and effective search consultant. For three years we’ve had no luck finding the right person for a critical leadership post in the firm due to the unique professional and geographical requirements involved. Kimberly found an outstanding candidate for us in a very short time, even with the holidays looming over the process. We hired the candidate and already see him as a key contributor to the future success of the company.  The outcome met our expectations in every possible way. Kimberly offers a valuable alternative to the time-consuming and often futile internet recruiting process.

Vice President of Administration
Midstream Pipeline Company

When I moved to Houston to start a new company in oil and gas I had to quickly build out a team that could drive a PE-backed startup to an IPO within a year. Kimberly stepped in and helped me as we quickly built out the right team.  I have worked with many HR recruiters in the past and she far excelled them all.  She is a thought partner, a visionary, and a team player.  I felt like she truly was part of my team in the HR department helping me see gaps in talent where I wasn’t seeing them.  I would highly recommend working with Kimberly at any stage of your company.

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