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Proven Results

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • General Manager Business Unit

  • Vice President of Human Resources

  • Director of Compensation and Benefits

  • Global Business Development Director

  • Vice President of Sales

  • Vice President of Marketing

  • Vice President of Planning

  • Controller (reporting CEO)

  • Sales Director

  • Director of Project Management

  • Global Director Proposals & Estimating

  • Business Development Director

  • Project Development Manager

  • Director of Internal Audit

  • Director of Cloud Solutions

  • Product Manager

  • Director of Procurement

  • Quality, Health and Safety Manager

  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager

  • Quality Control Manager

  • Senior Regulatory Manager

  • Reserves Manager

  • Manager of Geosciences

  • Product Manager

  • Software Application-SME

  • Power Manager

  • Energy Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Systems Engineer

  • Vice President of Land

  • Landman and Surface Landman

  • Lease Analyst Manager

  • Division Order Analyst

  • Heavy Oil Reservoir Engineer

  • Completion Engineers/Team Lead

  • Senior Lead Mechanical Engineer-EPC

  • Production Engineers

  • Reservoir Engineers

  • Reserves & Planning Engineer

  • Pipeline Engineers

  • Structural Engineers

  • Senior Operations Engineer

  • Subsea Engineer

  • Separations Expert/Process Engineer

  • Chemical Slurry/Process Engineer

  • Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Facilities Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Senior Quality Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Corrosion Engineer

  • Operations Geologist

  • Senior Geophysicist

  • Petrophysicist

Case Studies

We love challenges and realize our clients have very specific needs, here are just some examples of challenges we have solved: 

Key Multi-Millon Dollar Driver: was a pivotal position

A company that has been in existence for close to 100 years is innovating and building new cutting-edge products. The company CEO and VP of R&D were looking to add a Product Manager to the team to help build a new Application Software product. This position was pivotal for the company’s growth and the company needed very specific skills for the position. The company had posted the position and could not find the right candidate, which was making the VP of R&D’s job busier and the process harder


Vice President Hired to Solve a Multi-Million Dollar Hire

A very stable manufacturing and service company with a solid reputation was looking to bring an executive-level Human Resources individual on the team. This person would report to the CEO and be instrumental in supporting the company’s growth through people.


Chemical Company Hired a Business Development Individual to Expand to a New Market

A chemical company had a great water treatment chemical and the oil and gas industry started to reach out to inquire about to purchase their chemical. They realized they had an untapped audience, but they did not have a business development person versed in that market on their team. They needed to hire someone who could further break into the oil and gas sector. They sought out TLR Search, due to our oil & gas and chemical recruitment experience.


Executive, Management, and Technical Leadership Search Experience


TLR Search works functionally across positions; from placing decision-makers at executive levels, supervisors in functional management positions, and experienced professionals in technical roles. Our experience has been predominately in the energy industry and we have worked with chemical companies, as well as partnering with other industrial companies. 


Below is a very brief sample that includes, but is not limited to the types of positions we have partnered on:

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