Proven Results

  • General Manager Business Unit

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief  Operating Officer

  • Global Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Compensation and Benefits

  • Global Business Development Director

  • Vice President of Sales

  • Vice President of Marketing

  • Vice President of Planning

  • Sales Manager

  • Offshore Operations Advisor

  • Director of Project Management

  • Project Manager

  • Director of Internal Audit

  • Staff Accountant

  • Revenue Accountant

  • Production Regulatory Accountant

  • Senior Financial Analyst

  • Central Records Coordinator

  • Quality, Health and Safety Manager

  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager

  • Director of Procurement

  • Reserves Manager

  • Subsea Systems Engineering Manager

  • Manager of Geosciences

  • Reservoir Modeling Expert (SME)

  • Power Manager

  • Energy Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Vice President of Land

  • Landman and Surface Landman

  • Division Order Lead

  • Lease Analyst Manager

  • Title Analyst

  • Heavy Oil Reservoir Specialist

  • Senior Regulatory Analyst

  • Completion Engineers/Team Lead

  • Senior Lead Mechanical Engineer

  • Production Engineers

  • Reservoir Engineers

  • Reserves & Planning Engineer

  • Pipeline Engineers

  • Structural Engineers

  • Senior Operations Engineer

  • Subsea Engineer

  • Separations Expert/Process Engineer

  • Chemical Slurry/Process Engineer

  • Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Facilities Engineer

  • Manifold Engineer

  • Tree Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Corrosion Engineer

  • Operations Geologist

  • Senior Geophysicist

  • Petrophysicist

We love challenges and realize our clients have very specific needs, here are just some examples of challenges we have solved: 

Manufacturing and Service Company

A client needed a corrosion engineer, with a special certification, who had leadership and BD skills for a general management position (unique skill set). The team felt they knew everyone and no on was interested. Four new candidates were identified and interviewed. A candidate not known by the CEO was placed.

E&P Software Provider 

A client needed a reservoir modeling subject matter expert to help support product development and service clients.They were challenged with salary packages and attracting talent from an E&P to the service side. We identified a candidate through networking, who was not on the web, and shared the possibilities of this new role. She was intrigued and was hired. 

E&P Company 

 A small E&P company needed a senior reservoir engineer that had shale & unconventional asset experience, who would wear many hats, was collaborative, and could also work autonomously. At first the finalist candidate declined to consider the opportunity, but after sharing the possibility the candidate considered and she was placed. 

Global Refining Company 

Our client was in need of building a talent pipeline for succession of 3 executives that were looking to retire in the next 12 to 18 months; the CFO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Planning. The company was looking to identify potential successors. We presented a list of vetted potential  candidates, sharing how they aligned, and market intelligence reports so the client could build a pipeline to fill the positions when they were ready. 

Midstream Company

A small midstream company was growing and looking to add a Director of Project Management to the company. The team was small and this addition needed a specific set of skills, as well as a collaborative style that could work with different leaders across the organization. A diverse slate of candidates was presented and an offer was made to a diversity candidate.

E&P Company

A newer private equity backed E&P was looking for very specific skills for positions, like engineering, land, HSE, regulatory, accounting, IT, etc. There was no recruiter on staff and we partnered with them to attract talent for the positions, acting as an interim recruiter. Their brand was shared with hundreds of candidates, many who did not know the company; marketing them in one-on-one conversations. Overall, 20+ candidates were placed candidates. 

Executive, Management, and Technical Leadership Search Experience


TLR Search works functionally across positions; from placing decision-makers at executive levels, supervisors in functional management positions, and experienced professionals in technical roles. Our experience has been predominately in the energy industry and we have worked with chemical companies, as well as partnering with other industrial companies. 


Below is a very brief sample that includes, but is not limited to the types of positions we have partnered on: