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Our Process

Our Process

Our Strategic Goal is to help hiring managers hire to thrive, accelerate company growth, to build a rival team to their competitors, to have peace of mind…to save a lot of your time.


What we add to every search to create the most value:

Personalized Approach + Persistence + Perceptive + Purpose Driven Passion = Proven Results


Personalized Approach

With approximately 70% of the global workforce made up of passive talent, who aren't actively looking for a new role, we ensure your position gets in front of the best candidates. 

How the Recruiting Process Works:


Revenue Acceleration - Customize a talent map that attracts talent that will accelerate growth, enhance your culture, and leave your competitors in the rearview mirror.


Brand Booster - Boosting top candidates’ awareness of your brand and exciting them with the possibilities of your role.

DEI Alignment - Co-create a plan to take unconscious bias out of the interview process, assuring the company accelerates growth and invigorates innovation through diverse teams.

Risk Mitigation - Using our enhanced communication strategy that identifies potential risk or derailment of the recruitment process; mitigating risk before it’s too late

Retention Longevity - Built-in process that engages candidates to see long term career possibilities with your company and brings A-players that step up.


for longer than many other firms


What to expect?  Companies TLR Search works with:

●  are assured to have hired the right individual, guaranteed

●  hires talent that has a longer tenure than the market average

●  attracts exceptional talent to the team 

●  build an inclusive recruitment process, producing a diverse slate of candidates

●  gain a partner/talent acquisition team who understands industry talent challenges

●  benefit from a search firm that shares market intelligence

●  attracts qualified talent, currently valued for the impact they make in their industry

●  ease into onboarding and have less team disruption

●  hear favorable feedback about the candidate experience


TLR Search Loves Helping Our Clients Fit the Pieces Together


Take on the time-consuming process of building a team and persevere until we find the right candidate, who also feels the role is fulfilling and will be engaged.

See each piece of the puzzle as being unique, we are persistent at finding the right fit so our clients win. 

Make the recruitment process easier; we work on attracting the best talent, while you focus on interviewing and determining who to present an offer to.

Know that each candidate is on a different journey, so we build a customized recruitment marketing strategy to engage candidates. We are recruitment marketing certified.

Why? Because candidates have a different path to their career journey than companies think.
This means there is a hidden pool of talent that will be a game-changer to your company’s growth and we know how to find these candidates to help you change the game. This means we:

Solve the puzzle, making the hiring process easier for our clients.

What tools does TLR Search bring to the table that helps solve these puzzles? 

●  20+ years of talent acquisition experience; always enhancing our knowledge

●  Psychology and sociology education; understanding people's motivations

●  Strategic Human Resources certification; enhanced HR knowledge

●  Recruitment marketing certificate; understand the candidate's journey

●  Woman-owned, HUB certified business; we are a diverse organization

●  Methodologies built over time that help us to identify high-performing talent

●  Communication process built to create a great candidate experience

●  Our process that mitigates offer rejections and drop outs

●  Solid global market knowledge; understand current trends/challenges

●  Strong networks and talent pipelines in the energy industry

●  and more...


People view information in different ways, what do you see below?  


Half full or half empty? 

Unconscious Bias

Young or old woman?


Candlestick or two faces? 

What perception do you think potential candidates have of your company? 

What a candidate experiences is the key to how they decide. It is important to know: 

  • Perceptions can be created in so many ways.

  • Potential candidates have access to others people's opinions (positive or negative).


  • A person may have a positive or negative opinion of your company, with no real information.

  • A person's background, gender, culture, etc. may play into their perception of your role and company.

We know how most people consider a new role and we help create the right perception by:

  • Doing a full evaluation of our client's talent brand and help market your story.

  • Working to understand the position description, beyond the skills listed and help with any enhancements.


  • Building a high-touch framework to communicate information to the candidate pool. 

  • Building a one-to-one customized marketing strategy, personalizing each individual conversation. 

  • Filling in the gaps for candidates and adding to the limited information they may have about your company.

These "perceptive" processes ensure:


  • An approach that sets your company apart from your competition

  • A great candidate experience

  • A diverse slate of candidates

  • Taking unconscious bias out of the interview process

  • Less time spent on the process of talent acquisition by our client's hiring teams

  • Identification of high-potential candidates

  • Accepted offers 

  • Longer tenure for each TLR Search candidate hired

Purpose Driven Passion
Purpose Driven Passion

Our Mission

To run a marathon, not sprint through talent acquisition strategies.


We strive to grow our company by providing high-quality talent acquisition solutions, going the extra mile, appreciating the diverse nature of individual viewpoints toward careers, and forging meaningful business relationships for clients and candidates. 


We realize every interaction is an experience, and we exist to create an experience where purpose-driven passion brings people and companies together in a win-win manner.


Our Vision

We envision a world where companies have extraordinary employees that create value and enhance business intelligence and competitive advantages. Where every person loves what they do in their career, they create value through their work, and everyone goes home each day feeling fulfilled and happy.

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