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There's More Demand for Remote Work than Positions Available

Despite the continued demand for remote work post-pandemic, Axios has found there are not enough flexible job opportunities available to meet candidates' needs.

According to LinkedIn, only 15% of job vacancies are for remote positions, yet 50% of applicants are seeking full-time remote work.

Even though employment in the United States is still competitive, evidence is indicating that it is slowing*, particularly in remote positions, giving companies the confidence to ask their staff to return to physically working in the office.

However, employees say their preference is to work from home. With 58% percent saying that they want a fully remote* job.

Employees like the freedom they get from working from home and state that they are actually more productive because they are free of distractions and have the commute time free for personal activities in the morning.

What is the future of remote work at your company? Do you agree with it?

*The articles shared named slowing and fully remote have great statistics on the labor market and remote working.


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