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48% Increase in Reserves
E&P Company

Workers at Gas Plant


A Vice President of Reservoir Engineering at a small E&P company needed a Senior Reservoir Engineer in a critical position for the company’s growth (and the energy talent market was tight).

The skills needed:

  • Shale and unconventional asset experience

  • Need versatility to wear many hats

  • Collaborative style

  • Ability to work autonomously, with few mentors

  • Ready to step into the role and be self-driven.




  • Our proprietary approach was to map the talent market of Reservoir Engineers with the specific amount of experience the client was looking for.

  • We engaged potential candidates in the discussion, marketed the position in a customized approach, and listened to each candidate’s needs and desires. 

  • We branded the company to talent, to engage and excite them about the potential.



At first, the finalist candidate declined to consider the opportunity, wanting to go to a bigger company. But after listening and sharing the possibility, the candidate committed to learning more from the company. She was interviewed and placed. The company hired a diverse candidate who stayed with the company for over 5 years and who was promoted during her tenure.

Over the 5 years, she was a part of the team that increased reserves by 48%

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